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i made this, hope you like it :)

My first motiongraphics!

so our assignment was to animate an audio clip, only using the text being spoken. we’re using after effects now and i like it better than flash at times. this took hoursssss for a measly 30 second clip, but i am pretty happy on how it turned out. i was really frustrated at first, being new at the program, but it was fun and almost addicting afterwards.

i was laughing the whole time, of course.

Just in case.

if for whatever reason you couldn’t see my last animation,
you can click the image below :)

and yes i run with my ipod in hand.
i need to get me an armband or somethin.

Miracle of a playlist.

so ive been tryin to exercise more. with no membership/workout buddy, motivation to actually do anything is tough. but once im out on the street with my music, im off running easy. i get tired but the next song can pump me right back up.

here are some of the songs that got me going today:

kinda like a big deal; clipse
recycled air; the postal service
home; gym class heroes
natural high; colby odonis ft tpain
time is running out; muse
beggin; madcon
hell yeah; dead prez
south side; common ft kanye
ten speed; coheed&cambria

Walk, don’t run chick.

hahahahhahahahahah; click it & turn up your speakers!

Parting is such sweet..

click above for another animation i was working on tonight :)

Jump meng jump.

in my digital media class we had to design an interactive series of slides for an assigned ‘how to _____’ tutorial. mine was how to make paper dolls.i wasn’t able to upload my whole project for some reason but you can see them in separate pieces by clicking here:


p.s the video component isn’t working so it doesnt show on the main link, hahah im full of technical difficulties.

^&this was the credit part to my project :) hover over the word+holdclick it.

Click then pet.

i made this &couldn’t stop laughing.

My first flash.

i was crazy frustrated with this assignment since it’s hard to follow my teacher in class. we were supposed to make an opening credit scene to whatever. once i got a little used to it, i was having funnn.

flash is work! click:

cartoons coming soon hahah.